DEMO –Offshore Well 1 Spill

November 11, 2015
Acme Corporation is aware that the Offshore Well 1 is leaking oil.  Our team has stopped the source of the leak.  Approximately 60 barrels of oil are on the surface.  There is no threat to any land mass.  The prevailing tides will keep this oil out at sea.

The United States Coast Guard is working in conjunction with Acme and dispersants have been approved and will bedeployed within the next 2 hours. Currently there are 8 vessels and 230 people working the response. Skimming operations have begun and 8000 feet of boom have are currently on scene.

We will have a press conference at the ACME Houma office located at 123 Main at 11:45 am on November 11, 2015.

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