PR Beacon is the best way to effectively communicate essential incident details to stake holders, media and the public when and where you need it.  Template crisis communication plans are provided and we are also able to act as your Public Information Officer when/if needed.

As part of the Alitek and PrepareRespond family, PR Beacon quickly and easily guides you through the management of your crisis communication needs.
Built in the cloud, PR Beacon is accessible whenever and wherever you need it.  Utilizing Amazon's Web Service, our system is fully redundant and able to initiate and send a new incident's communication in just a few seconds.
Our mobile cloud based application was built for ease of use.  URL's, documents, press releases, photos and videos may be quickly added for access by 
appropriate personnel.
Use our WYSIWG editor to quickly format your content.  Press releases, documents, URL's, videos and pictures may be added easily through our editor.  You control when, how and to whom your information is presented.   Password restricted sections may be seamlessly added for additional control of access to content.
Powered by PrepareRespond, you're able to host any information about your incident by entering it into PR Beacon, or by pushing it from PrepareResond.



24/7 Incident Response Number

1 (844) Alitek1